A fun, simple craft to do with the kids!  I love making these and giving them to the grandparents for holidays like  mother’s/father’s day instead of a store bought card.  They’re so sweet and a great keepsake to remember how tiny they once were.  My mom is a kindergarten teacher and does this with her class for some projects throughout the year and they’re always so cute!
Tempera paint or a washable ink pad
q-tips and paper plate (if using paint)
construction paper
This is so simple it doesn’t really need instructions!  If using an ink pad, put child’s hand, foot, or finger print in the ink pad and then press onto construction paper.  If using paint, cover your work area (I choose the floor) with newspaper. Then, I like to put some paint on a paper plate and spread it around.  Next, press their hand, foot, or finger into the paint and use a q-tip to make sure you didn’t miss any spots. You can then just press their hand, foot, or finger onto the paper.  Draw faces, stripes, or whatever you desire with a marker.  The possibilities are endless!  If you want to do a multi-colored print like the fish in the first picture, just paint it onto their hand.  The kids will have fun getting messy, luckily it’s washable! :)