In my SPARE time I enjoy doing crafts… Gotta have balance in your life when you have children and keep up with your hobbies. That is what I have learned over these past two years. I really have never sewn before this year. Actually, when I was in middle school my mom and I made a quilt for my bed. Needless to say it never made it on my bed. Not that we didn’t finish it, by the time it was done my taste had changed and I thought it was the ugliest thing ever. I mean, it looked like something that would be on a little Amish girls bed. Nothing against their taste in style, I’m just saying.
Pacifier Clips.. you can see how to make them here
Burp cloths… you can see how to make these here
Rag Quilts.. This is a mini rag quilt. Made it for Evan out of all the scraps from the receiving blankets that I made for him. It’s like a little security blanket size.. maybe 14×14. Would love to make a huge one but don’t think I have the patience to do so. See how to make these here AND just look at how cute all of  these are.