How cute are these little guys?  Perfect craft and decoration for Halloween!  Lyla collected a bunch of pinecones the other day so I had to find something to do with them!  She was a great “helper” with this craft, too!
You’ll need:
1 pinecone
4 pipe cleaners
2 googley eyes
glue (I like E-6000 craft glue, but most anything would be fine)
red puffy paint
Start by fitting all 4 pipe cleaners in little slots in the pinecone and bend them so that they are in a U shape and point them up
Then, to make sure they don’t fall off easily, criss-cross them like below.  It’s kind of hard to tell since the pinecones don’t make it easy to see straight lines, but I didn’t cross the separate pipe cleaners.  I just crossed each one on top of itself.
Then, with the criss-cross side of the pinecone down, make the pipe cleaners point up again and bend them over your thumb to create the spider legs.
You can then trim them to get them to be the length you like.
Then just add your eyes and smile and you’re done!  Fun! :)