This isn’t really a craft or a recipe but I am going to post it anyways because I think that it is THAT important to share. For all of you who know me, you will understand why this is something that I am completely excited about. I have an obsession with painting my nails, making them perfect. Any chip, nail polish comes off, they get redone. When using regular nail polish, how many days can you go without chipping? 2? I would be lucky if after day one they looked decent. Frequent hand washing, bottle washing, dishes, baby baths, why even paint nails right?! My friend Jessica had this wonderful idea. She had just gotten a manicure and had Shellac put on. Her nails were perfect for 2 weeks. She suggested we do our own Shellac manicures at home! Hello amazing idea! All supplies were bought on Amazon, you can’t buy this nail polish at a regular beauty supply store unless you have a license. But you can on Amazon! It wasn’t difficult, kinda fun actually! Anyone can do it. I promise you will love it and it does not, I repeat, does not ruin your nails underneath :)
Materials: (search all products on Amazon)

UV Light

Shellac Base and Top Coat

Shellac Nail Color
Acetone (for removing Shellac)
Rubbing alcohol

Click HERE for step-by-step instructions. Have fun!