Here’s a great gift idea that is creative and one of a kind!  I got the idea from a pretty hostess gift that was given to me by my friend, Jenna, and her mom.  I made these for Mother’s Day this year.  These beaded serving utensils are pretty, easy, and not terribly time consuming!  You could even give someone a set of utensils… serving spoon, tongs, etc in coordinating colors to match their kitchen.  Let the recipient of your beautiful gift know that they should hand wash these utensils.


Stainless steel serving utensil

20 gage silver craft wire

Fun beads *that will fit on the wire*

Small pliers

Wire cutters

– Begin with about a yard of craft wire.  Loop the wire through the hole at the top of your serving utensil (if it has a hole, if it doesn’t, just wrap it tightly around the handle).

– Secure the wire by twisting it around itself on the back side of the utensil.

– Clamp the twisted part tightly with pliers and then cut off any excess tip of the wire with your wire cutters.

– Begin to tightly wrap the wire around the utensil, stringing beads on the wire as you bring the wire to the front side of the utensil (no beads on the back side).  If the utensil has a hole at the top, make your way around that first and then down the handle of the utensil.  Have fun with it and be creative!  I like to use beads of different colors, shapes, and sizes.. even the little seed beads to fill up tiny spaces.

– When you’ve made your way down the handle of the utensil as far as you’d like, twist the end of the wire around another piece of the wire wrapped around the back side of the handle.  Clamp it tightly with the pliers and then clip off any remaining wire with wire cutters.

– Enjoy!

For Further Step by Step Instructions with Photos visit Crafts for all Seasons