• 3 Ripe Bananas

I still can’t believe how good this is!  I found this “recipe” over a year ago on Our Best Bites, but I wasn’t really in a hurry to try it as I was a bit skeptical.  All you need is one thing.  Bananas!  How could bananas be anything like ice cream?  I had to try it out.  I sliced 3 ripe bananas before they turned too brown and froze them in a ziploc.  The first time I made it, Lyla couldn’t even wait for me to give her a spoon and started eating it with her bare hands!  It was so sweet and the texture was just like real ice cream.  I was shocked!  Who would’ve thought dessert could be as simple as a banana?!  It reminds me of the chocolate covered frozen bananas at Cedar Point!  This is an awesome “treat” that I wouldn’t feel guilty about my kids or I having any time of day!

Here’s what you do:  Put the frozen banana slices into the food processor and turn it on just until it’s blended enough.  I had to stop a couple of times to scrape the sides down.  (I didn’t want to over blend it and make it mushy instead of icy so it’s a good idea to stop and check it.)  When it’s blended enough it may still look like little shreds or balls, but stir it around once with a spatula and it becomes nice and smooth and so good!

  At this point you can either serve it as is (amazing) or add a little something extra.  It’s not necessary, but you could add a spoonful of chocolate syrup, nutella, or even peanut butter.  We ate some plain and some with nutella and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  They are both delish, but we honestly like the plain ice cream better!  You have to try this to believe how good it is! :)

Here is what the ice cream will look like when it’s ready… It looks shredded, but as soon as you put a spoon in it you will see that it’s creamy. :)