Well if anyone was questioning whether I had too much time on my hands since I have time for this blog, you’ll really think I have time to waste now!  I swear, it’s not the case.  Each post I make usually takes me days.  My hubby just sighs and laughs as I tell him he can’t eat his food until I take a picture! (Other than when I do one of Lyla’s fun food plates, his is usually the only plate that I assemble to look pretty.) Then I squeeze in 5 minutes here and there to upload pics, type a few words, read it over, and finally end up posting!  The little extra time I take to make these lunches for Lyla is worth every minute.  Presentation is probably 90% of the battle with my 3 year old to eat healthy food.  She loves these “smiley face lunches” and asks for them often.  I don’t make them every day, but when I take the extra minute to arrange her lunch into a smiley face or other fun idea, she is so much more interested in eating!  And when I tell her that her smiley face lunch is ready, she comes to the table a ton faster than when I just tell her that it’s lunch time!  I’ve done them for quite awhile now.  It’s something my mom did for us and it always made me smile.  Sometimes I even do them for dinner.  I have to admit, I even have fun thinking up new ways to make a face for my girl!  Some of them end up looking kind of disturbing to me, but she never complains!  So here is the first edition of my Fun Food posts!  More to come!