These pictures are from the summer, but I thought that suncatchers might be a nice punch of color in these winter months when things aren’t so colorful outside!  They’d make a great Valentine’s decoration, too!
 We decided to make some suncatchers like my mom did with me when I was little.  It’s very simple.  Place torn pieces of tissue paper on the sticky side of a piece of contact paper to cover it.  You could also add some glitter, a few sequins, or small bits of ribbon on top.  Then stick another piece of contact paper on to the tissue paper, pressing down on it to get ride of air bubbles.  You can cut the suncatcher into any shape you want, cut/punch a hole in it, and hang it on a window to let the light shine through. :)
And if you need another Valentine idea… check out this sweet card that I posted for Sweetest Day! :)