Though it’s been a fairly mild winter, we are very much looking forward to Spring!  We love planting flowers and veggies in our back yard and it’s fun to get the kids involved!  We did this project last year, but we might have to dust off our green thumbs and do it again.  This is another one from my mom, the kindergarten teacher.  Its so much fun for kids to do, a great learning experience, and a great conversation piece!  This grass head is a wonderful way to teach kids about how things grow and what plants need to survive.  The Dr Seuss book “Oh Say Can You Seed” is fun to read along with this, too!

You’ll need: a cup (styrofoam works great), markers, soil, grass seeds, water (a spray bottle is nice), and scissors.

Simply have your child draw a smiley face on their cup, then fill the cup with soil, sprinkle some grass seeds on top (no need to bury them), and spray with water.  Set the cup near a window.

Water as needed…

It won’t be long and the grass will sprout and grow into a full head of hair!  It’s fun to give it a haircut, too!

We even planted ours outside last year to enjoy when the weather warmed up.  :)