Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya!
It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day!  Looking for some inexpensive and festive fun?
How about some “gold”?  Just spray paint some stones gold, let them dry, and then hide them through your house for a leprechaun treasure hunt!
Those shamrocks were only a couple bucks at the grocery store, too.
And don’t forget to wear your green and gold! :)
Everyone knows there’s gold at the end of a rainbow!
These reuben bites are a great alternative to the typical Jiggs dinner/corned beef/cabbage on St. Patty’s Day!
We did a fun Leprechaun surprise drink, too!
Place 1 tablespoon of pistachio pudding mix in a cup, add 1/2 cup of milk, stir, and drink!
(Yes, there are small bits of pistachio in the mix, but my girl liked them and she really thought it was cool that her milk turned green!)
Thanks to my friend, Kelly… she gave me the idea to add sprinkles to the rim of a glass of milk!
 Pretty, simple, and festive!
A fruit loop rainbow!
Try stamping four leaf clovers using a green pepper!
And if all else fails, there’s always green food coloring.
I don’t use it a ton, but I think it’s ok every once in awhile.  Mix it into your cream cheese or color some pasta by putting in your boiling water!  Except for the sprinkles on the milk glass, these ideas were all things my mom has done with us.  And one more thing that she’s always done… I took a picture of it, but couldn’t bring myself to post it!  Put a few drops of green food coloring in your toilet… the next person will be shocked to see that the leprechaun didn’t flush! hahaha!