This is a little educational activity that might even be a fun prize to tuck into the Easter basket this year!  I got this idea awhile ago from my friend, Ashley, who’s always doing great learning games with her kiddos!  This activity is easy to put together and barely costs a thing!  All you need is an egg carton, pom pom balls (in the craft section at most grocery stores), a marker, and tongs or kids’ chopsticks (if you want to throw in some extra fine motor skills)!
Just write the numbers 1-12 in order in the bottom of the egg carton and get started with your little one dropping in the appropriate number of pom poms in each place.
*Again, the tongs/kid chopsticks are optional.. fingers work perfectly!  (We got our kid friendly chopsticks at Learning Express)
*You could also use little candies like M&M’s for a sweet reward and after your child is finished they can pick one of the numbers and eat the candies in that spot!