I made this bunny face for a snack for Lyla yesterday and she loved it!  I’m pretty sure we’ll be repeating this for Easter!  It’s amazing how presentation makes such a difference in her attitude towards food.  For instance, she ate the bunny’s teeth (yes, he does need braces and a bleaching, haha) and said, “Yum, what were the bunny’s teeth?”  I told her that they were mango (something she hasn’t enjoyed before) and she asked for more!  You could change this around to suit the food that you have on hand or use more substantial foods to make it a whole meal, too!
The pic is pretty self explanatory, but just in case it’s hard to tell… Banana ears, grape eyes, chow mein noodle eyelashes, strawberry nose, marshmallow cheeks, string cheese whiskers, and mango teeth! :)