• Plastic lid
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would post a little DIY activity using something that is typically tossed in the garbage (or hopefully recycled).  I remember seeing a commercial not too long ago about a plastic bottle being “forever in a landfill”.  That’s crazy!  Now that I’m a mom, I especially want to make sure that this beautiful world is as healthy as it can be for my kids’ future!  This little  playing card holder won’t necessarily make a dent, but its definitely useful for tiny hands and it beats the heck out of throwing it in the garbage!  It doesn’t cost a thing and it takes almost no time at all!  The lid I used happens to be from a container of marshmallow fluff from my latest batch of S’more Cookie Bars.  I set out to make this card holder after Christmas when Lyla got a set of “Go Fish” cards.  Her tiny hands just couldn’t hold the cards together very easily.  I remembered having some store-bought playing card holders when I was a kid.  Lyla wanted to play now and this was the perfect speedy solution!


Cut the lid in half.  Place the two halves so that they are back to back (flat sides touching).  Then you just staple them together along the straight edge.  I used 5 staples, but it depends on the size of your lid.  You can place some of that fancy colorful duct tape over the staples if you want, but it works just fine like this!

Want to grow something green in honor of Earth day?  How about some grass heads?!  We planted ours outside last year when the weather warmed up!