• Glass Jar
  • Tissue paper, cut into squares/rectangles/whatever shape you want!
  • Paint brush or Sponge brush
  • "Glue" ** See note

Looking for a sentimental, hand-made gift for a special mom or grandma for Mother’s Day?  This is it!  You might have everything you need to make this already, its quick to do, and it is super cute!  These make great vases, but they’d also be a fun pen/pencil holder on a desk and they look really pretty with a candle inside them, too!

** There are two options for your glue… Mod Podge or Liquid Starch

– Mod Podge (works great with a sponge brush) is in most craft sections of stores and is about $6 for an 8 ounce container and it works wonderfully, but might be a little more tricky for kids.

– Liquid Starch (Sta-Flo) is about $3 for a 32 ounce jug.  It’s located by the fabric softener in most stores.  This is more runny and works great with a brush.  This would probably be the easier choice for kids.   (My mom does this every year with her kindergarten class using liquid starch)


Line your work area with wax paper to protect your surface.  Pour some glue into a cup and, using a paint brush or sponge brush, brush the glue all over the outside of the jar.  Begin placing the tissue paper as desired on the jar as smoothly as possible.  The less wrinkles the better.  Then, brush another coat of glue on top of the tissue paper, coating well.  Allow to dry.

*Try to avoid getting water on the outside of these vases when putting flowers in them.  The Mod Podge will hold up to water splashes better than the liquid starch will.

Liquid Starch Vases:

Mod Podge Vases:

We had fun making them and they sure add some fun color to any room!  For another fun Mother’s Day gift idea, try beaded serving utensils!