• Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Staples/Stapler
  • Tape

Does your little one have something exciting coming up?  A birthday?  A fun family vacation?  Have you been getting asked each day, “How long until (insert exciting day here)?”  Well give your child a fun way to figure that out!  It is fun, but also a great opportunity to work on counting, fine motor skills, patterns, following directions, and more!


Cut enough construction paper strips (in colors of your choice) for the countdown to your date.  Help your child to choose a color pattern, loop a paper strip into a circle, and then staple the ends together.  Repeat this while looping each strip into a circle around the last link.  Create some sort of shape or picture and attach it to the top of the chain if you like.  (We did a sunshine for our sunny vacation!) Tape it in a doorway or somewhere visible and have your child remove one link each morning or night and then count the links!