It’s officially summer and the sun sure has been bringing the heat!  We just love being outside in the warm weather and it’s nice to have some different ways to beat the heat!  I did this activity with Lyla last summer and we will definitely be repeating this soon with both girls!  We froze some toys in a block of ice and then found fun ways to get them out.  It really kept her attention!


All you need to do is find some colorful and fun little toys, buttons, fake jewels, balls, or anything your little one(s) might like!  Place them in a container, fill it with water, and freeze.  I chose a rectangular tupperware because it wouldn’t take forever to for my girl to get the toys out of it!  We experimented with different ways to melt the ice and get the toys out.  We used warm water, salt, a small hammer, and Lyla even used her teeth.  Have fun finding your own ways to get the ice out!