• Hot Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • Something to attach ribbon to

We’ve got quite the collection of hair bows and clips in this house and we needed a new holder!  I made Lyla’s years ago so I decided to make Cora’s, too.  They’re really so simple and quick!  You can customize these to fit your decor so easily, too!  I basically decided upon this design while walking around the craft store looking for something to go at the top of the hair clip holder.  I saw a little wreath and thought that would be fun.  I found some ribbon I liked and a coordinating flower and that was it!  Lyla’s hair clip holder top was actually a valentine’s decoration from the craft store.  It’s a heart that already had a ribbon attached to hang it from something so all I had to add was a thicker ribbon on the bottom for the clips to attach to!  There might be some cute flower/spring type ornaments out right now that would be perfect for this, too!  ::This would be a great gift to give someone with some hair bows attached OR to tuck in an Easter basket!::

 Here’s Cora’s in her room (normally many more bows on it, but I took some off so you could actually see the ribbon!):


Walk around the craft store and find an ornament, wreath, or something to be the top of your hair clip holder.  Then, find a wide ribbon (I like 1.5″ width) and flowers or other decorations to match.  Once you’re home with your hot glue gun, cut the ribbon to the length you’d like and run a very thin strip of glue at each end of the ribbon and fold over maybe a half inch and press it down so that the ends don’t fray.  Glue the ribbon to your ornament/wreath/whatever you chose for the top of your holder.  Tie a thin ribbon to the top to hang it from a nail if it doesn’t already have something to hang with.  That’s it!

Here are the specifics on the one I just made:

1. The only part that really might need explaining is the flower.  I was able to use one artificial daisy-type flower to make two flowers for this hair clip holder.   Just pull the stem out and then you can pull the layers apart like this:

2. Then, decide which layers you’re going to use for the flower (if you don’t want to use them all).  I divided mine in about half to make a smaller and a larger flower.  Put some hot glue around the middle of the biggest piece you’re going to use and layer on the next piece.  Try to match up the tiny hole in the middle to keep it all centered.  Continue this until you’ve used all the flower pieces.

3. You can then glue the center of the flower back in (I cut the little nub off the back of this one).  You could also use a button, rhinestones, pearls, or anything you like!  Be aware of choking hazards, though!

4. (not pictured, but you can see it in the next pic) Cut the wide ribbon that you’ve chosen to be the hair clip holder to desired length.  Then, run a thin line of hot glue down one of the ends of your ribbon and fold it over onto itself about a half inch.  Repeat this on the other side.  This helps so that the ribbon won’t fray.

5. Glue your ribbon to the top of your bow holder.

6. Attach a ribbon to the top of your bow holder (if it didn’t come with one).  Glue your flower on, too.

7. I added a flower (the left over of the small flower on the wreath) to the bottom.  I had extra flowers so I used another one of the green circles for the middle of the one at the bottom, too.  This time, I didn’t cut the nub off the back of it, but instead pushed it through the flower.  Then, I cut a tiny slit in the ribbon and pushed it through that and hot glued it, too.

If you make one of these, or anything from our blog for that matter, post a pic to our facebook page!  We’d love to see it!!!!