• Nail File
  • Nail Polish
  • Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Tape

Did you know it’s Teacher Appreciation Week?  Well, I believe technically today is Teacher Appreciation Day, but the celebration lasts all week!  The responsibility and impact a teacher has just blows me away.  They’re shaping the lives of our beautiful children!  We love our daughter’s teachers!  Lyla and I wanted to make a little something to give to her teachers this week and we decided on this nail polish idea that I found.  Probably should have posted this a week or two ago, but you get it today because I’m on top of things like that.  HA!  Sorry, I do what I can!  The good thing is, you can get everything you need with a quick trip to the store and this comes together in a snap!  Lyla can’t wait to give these to her teacher’s tomorrow!  We wrote a little note to them on the back of the paper, too!


This really requires no directions.  Just print the free printable out that I found from this fabulous blog post at She’s Kinda Crafty!  Hers are really fun, check them out!  Such a cool idea!

I did use a decorative corner cutter thing-a-ma-jig for the fancy corners, but that’s not necessary!

Thank a teacher this week!