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Welcome to Many Makings! We’re Casey and Melissa, just two girls who enjoy cooking and the occasional craft! Cooking is one way we love to show our families (husbands and two kids each) that we love them! We’ve been sharing recipes and ideas since we started working together a few years ago as nurses in an ICU. Though life has taken us a couple of hours apart, we’ve been able to stay close and keep track of all of our makings through this blog! As nurses and moms, we realize the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. We certainly follow the idea of “all things in moderation” as well as eating the colors of the rainbow in our fruits and veggies… and exercise! We also love to get our kids in the kitchen to “help” us when we can so that they get excited about eating good food, too!  You won’t find over the top fancy and gourmet recipes here. We’re busy moms! Most of what we make can probably be made with ingredients you have or already use! You will find amazing dishes from healthy to indulgent… all of which we have loved! We love to experiment and try new things and we won’t share them with you unless they’re great!


Hey! I’m Casey, one of the “Mama’s” behind this blog. Wife to a busy Resident Physician, mom to two precious little boys, and full time Operating Room Nurse. So where do I find time to make new recipes, take pictures of them, and blog?! It’s my hobby. I started posting recipes to my family blog a few years ago just so I could quickly and easily look them up and had hopes of eventually getting my paper cookbook on the computer. Because who uses actual cookbooks anymore?! That soon evolved into this! This is my cookbook, just an online version of it that you can see too! Melissa and I have always shared recipes and have the same “taste,” so what better person to create this website with? Although daily life is very busy, I still find time to keep up on my own hobbies. Growing up, I always said that I wanted to be a chef. My grandma gave me wonderful advice and told me not to do it–that some day I will be a chef every night. She sure was right!


Hi, I’m Melissa!!!  I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart, mom to my beautiful daughters (Lyla and Cora), and an ICU nurse (where Casey and I met).  I love all sports, especially golf, being on the beach, my friends, my family, and my God!  I love to cook and do lots of fun arts and crafts, most of the time with my oldest.  I get lots of ideas from my mom, a kindergarten teacher and great cook!  This blog is where you’ll see the products of our makings!


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